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Painting and graphics on metal
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Biography of Olga Zavyalova

Ольга ЗавьяловаZavyalova Olga was born in Tashkent. She graduated with honors from the State Technical University, majoring in "Design". In consequence of that was born a new technique: painting and graphics on metal - "Grijal" ("Grizhal").

Technology and name have been patented and patents.

Made her color lakes allow you to save shine of metal and light show through the color. But more than technology, it is surprising themes of her work. Even in the title of the work ("The Elixir of Eurydice", "Mother of Judas", "Who am I, that is happiness," "Eternity", "For a moment before creation", etc.) can be traced perception of religious and esoteric knowledge. The author makes his works glow and flicker inside.

Long past century and the modern era merged into subjects of her paintings ("Wake Knight," "The Stone Guest", "Shoe date"). Affects passion of the artist in history and philosophy of Egypt and Greece.

Olga Zavyalova as an artist amazingly manages to portray the unmanifested, otherworldly. No wonder the power of her work as a positive effect on the condition of the people that marked many of the leading parapsychologists.
For 20 years it was created about 200 works, many of which are in private collections in Germany (in particular, in a museum in Frankfurt), the US, Thailand, Latvia, the Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Russia .

She is a member of the Union of Artists and designers of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

Has solo exhibitions:

  • 1997 - personal exhibition at the Museum "Tamara Khanum" - Tashkent
  • 1998 - Gallery "Diydor" - Tashkent
  • 2001 - Museum of Applied Arts - Tashkent
  • 2002 - Italian port interior salon "Beeston" - St. Peterburg
  • 2003 - National Geographic Society - St. Peterburg
  • 2004 - Museum of Applied Arts - Tashkent
  • 2004 - House of Scientists at Forest - St. Peterburg
  • 2005 - Museum of Applied Arts - Tashkent
  • 2008 - Exhibition Hall - Zarafshan
  • 2010 - The gallery "Asia" - Tashkent
  • 2012 - Gallery "GranArt" - Tashkent

It is noteworthy that Olga deeply understands all the details and scenes depicted it, can explain every line of their work and ideas (many works she saw in a dream). Perhaps this is a consequence of the poems that are a continuation of her paintings. Around these works can be a lot of debate, but one thing is clear: they surprise with its novelty and originality and, of course, have the right to life.

Creativity Olga Zavyalova primarily shows us how deeply sensitive artist to life is a consequence of this profound capacity, the ambient space and man, the artist is not content with traditional forms of painting, and seek to understand the dynamics of scenic impressions. This explains the use of the original painting techniques for the transmission of artistic images.

You can feel that it has created technology to form three-dimensional glow, highlights the dramatic plot or heat. Unique technical findings (metal engraving, colored transparent varnish) give it not only an artist but also a designer. In his paintings Olga combines drawing and painting, which is also unusual and bold. Her works are a reflection of the modern approach to creativity, time criterion and currents. They fit well into the interior and give it a charm and style.

The presence of elements of time, clearly perceived rhythmic features, in-depth features color and spatial structure, finally, the dominant wavy line, it's all in her paintings, and creates a mood of musical harmony. Composition paintings verified, built according to the canons of the theory of the composition. They are either concentric or asymmetric, but remarkably balanced.

Everyone looking at them the viewer can find in them the reflection of his own personal experiences. In some paintings "Dance with Aphrodite," "," Faith "," "For the moment, before the creation of" "," new universe "," the author rises unusually far beyond the human being, in the other - "Irises", "" New Morning "" "In the rain", "back to our world, where fairy-tale landscapes, flowers, sun, all intertwined with elements of the creative forces of nature.

The universality of art Olga Zavyalova her understanding of the world, reinterpreted in philosophical categories artistic image makes her work close to modern man, busy looking for answers to many questions put forward by the era.

PhD in Architecture, assistant professor of "Design" TGTU "
Member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, a member of the Union of Designers.
I. V. Dmitrieva